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SIMS Pay – Online Payments



IMPORTANT: In order for you to receive an invitation to join the SIMS Pay, we MUST have your email address.  Please check your junk folder before contacting us.   If you would like to confirm your email address with us please contact call us on 01925 579500.

With SIMS Pay, parents or carers can securely pay for school dinners, club sessions and trips, uniform items, plus many more.   The system eliminates the need for your child to carry cash throughout the day and allows you to pay using your credit or debit card from any device, at any time.

What will you find in SIMS Pay:

  • Access to your child’s account at any time, from any device, showing you at a glance the balance of their account in real time.  If you have more than one child at the Academy, both students will show in the same account.
  • Enables you to add money to your childs dinner account and receive alerts when their balance is running low.
  • View, book and pay for upcoming trips and events, including managing your deposits and payment schedules for residential visits.  The system will also email you when your next payment instalment is due.

To access SIMS Pay, please click the link below:

Getting started with SIMS Pay

Please follow the steps below to get started with SIMS Pay:

  1. You will receive a SIMS Pay registration invitation from the Academy, which will contain a unique invitation code.  You will need this invitation code to set up your SIMS Pay account (if you have not yet received a registration invitation, please check your junk folder before contacting us).
  2. To register SIMS Pay, you will need one of the following accounts*: Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook, Twitter or SIMS ID.
  3. When registering for SIMS Pay, please click the Register button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Once registration has been completed, you will be able to use SIMS Pay to carry out the activities listed in your invitation straight away.

* We have chosen to use Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to SIMS ID, because many people will already have one of these accounts.

Why am I unable to register my account?

If your registration fails, please check the on-screen error message and follow the instructions.  Common reasons for registration to fail include using the invitation code after it has expired and using an invitation intended for another person.  If you continue to experience problems registering your account, please contact the Academy.

Why am I unable to sign in?

If you have already registered your account and are encountering problems when attempting to sign in to SIMS Pay, check that you are signed in to the account you used to register.  This is particularly important where a computer has multiple users. Navigate to the website of your sign in provider, sign out of your account and then sign in again with the account you registered to use with SIMS Pay.  If you continue to experience problems when attempting to sign in to SIMS Pay, please contact the Academy.

Who do I contact for help?

If you have a question about your SIMS Pay Account, please contact your school.  Once you have signed into your SIMS Pay Account, further help is available by clicking the Help Centre link at the bottom of each page in SIMS Pay.

Resetting passwords or problems with external providers?

In order to provide additional security, SIMS Pay uses your existing Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook, Twitter or SIMS ID accounts.  We do not have access to these accounts and cannot assist in resetting passwords etc for these.

Cashless Catering

 BIOMETRIC Cashless System

Beamont Collegiate Academy continues to benefit from a BIOMETRIC cashless system that will allow pupils to pay for their academy meal and other food and drinks without the need to carry cash.

This system went live in July 2011

 The system effectively:

  • Reduces queuing time so pupils have longer to enjoy their meal or play.
  • Saves you from trying to find dinner money every morning – your son daughter can pay at the start of the week or month.
  • Allows pupils to claim free school meals without having to register daily or use ‘a token’.
  • Allows you access to information regarding your childs food choices – print outs are available if requested.
  • Allows you to ‘dip in’ or ‘dip out’ of academy meals on days that you want your child to have academy meals.
  • Streamlines the academy meals system and associated cash collection.

How does it work?

Your child’s finger or thumb is placed on a scanner at the till and their account information is displayed to the operator.  Food and drink purchased is entered onto the system and the cash balance updated. The system is called a biometric system.

What is a biometric system?

It is a simple software programme that recognises each individual customer, holds individual cash balances and records expenditure and foods purchased.

Biometric measurement takes an image of a very small part of the finger or thumb. This information is converted, encrypted and stored as a unique reference number.

Please note, this data CANNOT be used for any other form of identification

What data is held?

The only data held on the system is your child’s name, number, form, photograph, cash balance, meal entitlement and meal choices.  All data will be handled under the Data Protection Act and will be destroyed when your child leaves academy.

How do I pay for my child’s academy meals?

Currently your child can pay cash into 1 of 2 machines situated in the academy reception and the academy dining area. The machines will accept all notes and coins, except 5p, 2p & 1p coins.  The machines can be credited with larger amounts of cash at the beginning of the month or the week, or if you prefer, your child can pay smaller daily amounts.

Please note that change CANNOT be given from the machines.

Will my child still be able to pay for school meals in cash?

NO. All payments for food and drinks in academy must be made using the biometric system.

Which other academy’s use this system? 

Biometrics for school meals is used widely across the country. In Warrington, many high schools, academies and primary schools have been using this technology for some time and pupils have noticed great improvements in the whole dining experience.

My child is entitled to Free School Meals – what do I need to do?

The system is updated regularly with the details of any pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals. You simply need to agree to your child using the biometric system.

Will I be able to get information on how the system is being used?

Yes.  We can provide you with a report, timed to the minute, which details items of food served and / or each credit made onto the system over any period of time.