School Uniform
  • Plain black knee length skirt or pinafore dress or plain black trousers
  • White school shirt with collar to fasten at the neck
  • School blazer
  • Grey sleeveless jumper with maroon edge (optional)
  • School tie with appropriate year colour
  • Black shoes (All students will be expected to wear black leather/leather look school shoes.  Sports named shoes e.g. Converse, Nike, Vans, Adidas and canvas/Pump style shoes etc are not acceptable)
  • Black or white socks or black tights


  • One pair of gold stud earrings only worn in the ear lobe
  • No other jewellery will be permitted apart from a wrist watch
  • NO body or facial piercings are allowed
  • Hair must be tied back at all times


  • BCA T-Shirt (with BCA logo)
  • BCA Skirt/shorts or leggings (all with BCA logo)
  • Trainers


  • BCA T-Shirt (with BCA logo)
  • BCA Shorts (with BCA logo)
  • Trainers

Both girls and boys can purchase a Beamont hoodie or choose to wear plain black skins in cold weather.

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled

Uniform can be purchased from:

Warrington Schoolwear

50-54, Buttermarket St, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 2NN

Tel 01925 576868