Primary School Links

Here are some of the workshops and events that involve our local Primary Schools:

  • Saturday Academy
  • Open Academy Events
  • Summer School
  • Hopes and Dreams Week
  • Bold Cluster Summer Concert
  • Bold Cluster Winter Carol Concert
  • Primary Transition Workshops
Saturday Academy

Beamont Collegiate Academy is now open on Saturday mornings during term time for local children to come along and try out lots of different activities, from singing dancing and acting to karate. Click here for more information.

Open Academy Events

We will be holding open days, open mornings, and open evenings along with tours of the school on a normal working day.

Summer School
Hopes & Dreams Week

During this week many of the local primary schools worked with the academy and experienced a range of different working environments. This provided the students with exciting opportunities and helped to nurture their future aspirations.

Bold Cluster Summer Concert

The Summer Concert will be held at BCA on the 14th of July. Pupils from many of the local primaries and BCA will be singing and dancing to entertain parents to celebrate the end of the school year. An event not to be missed.

Bold Cluster Winter Carol Concert

Join us as we begin our Christmas festivities by attending our winter carol concert. This is a chance for the local community get in the Christmas spirit by attending a fantastic carol concert involving many of the local students from the primary schools and BCA. We would love you to join us and enjoy the carols and songs along with a festive mince pie.

Primary Transition Workshops

The Primary Transition Workshops are a timetable of events for our local primaries to engage with. We encourage the pupils and staff from all our local schools to get involved with our  workshops in many different subjects from PE to Science and English to Food Technology.