Using Your Planner

Using Your Planner

This planner is more than a place to record your Home Learning. It is designed to help you to:

Plan your work

Manage your time

Record your achievements

Review your progress

Set Targets for improvement

All this is up to you …

  • Your planner will only be of benefit if you use it and keep all the sections up to date.
  • Record all home learning set.
  • Check your planner every evening to make sure you are able to meet deadlines for when work is due in.
  • Your teachers will help you with some of the details but really it is up to you to include information which is important to you.
  • Remember to record things which you have achieved both in and out of school.
  • When planning work make sure that you fully understand what you have to do – if not, then ask your teacher.
  • Keep your timetable up to date
  • Record your epraise points and attendance figures
Recording Your Home Learning

Remember to:

  • write down clearly what your home Learning is;
  • plan when you are going to complete your work;
  • meet deadlines;
  • try to do your homework in a quiet place with no distractions;
  • always do your homework as carefully as you can.