Home Learning


Homework is important because it is the intersection between home and school. It serves as a window through which parents and teachers can observe children’s education and learning. Successful students complete homework. Simple. At BCA we place great importance on completing homework so that it results in you fulfilling your potential at each stage of your school life. The questions and answers below will help you understand why we place such importance on the producing great homework.

Do I have to do home learning tasks?

Yes. At BCA we expect all students to complete home learning tasks.

What are the benefits for completing homework has for me?

There are many. Completing homework allows you to deepen your understanding of what you have learnt in class so that it sticks in your memory so you can apply your learning in exams and assessments. Homework also requires you to think independently, organise your time so that you meet deadlines and also to set priorities about your own learning.

Finally, homework also allows your parents or carers to see what you are learning so they can support you too.

How should I use this home learning book?

You’ll receive a new home learning book each half-term with tasks and activities that are connected to what you are learning in class. Each of your subjects has their own page and you will be directed to complete specific tasks and activities by your class teacher. You should bring this book to school each day as your class teachers will refer to it when directing you to which tasks you should be completing.

When should I do my home learning ?

Homework encourages you to be independent. Therefore when you complete your homework task is up to you. However, it’s important for you to know when you work best. For example, some people like to get homework completed straight after school or even come into school early to get it done in the library. You might even like to stay

behind to complete your tasks using the academy’s IT facilities.

Where should I do my home learning?

Homework should be completed in the back of your subject exercise book. It should be clearly labelled HW and with the date written in full. The same high standards of presentation that we apply to all classwork are applied to all homework.

Am I rewarded for completing home learning

Yes. As you can see from the subject pages you receive a number of Epraise points depending on the level of challenge of the task you complete to a high standard. These can spent in the Epraise shop.

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