T & L Overview

At BCA we are committed to providing excellence in teaching and learning that ensures all students leave having secured excellent outcomes and have the skills needed to thrive in 21st Century Britain. Our innovative teaching, underpinned by a well–developed, in-house programme of continuing professional development (CPD), ensures that all students have excellent provision whilst at the academy.

We understand that students learn in a variety of ways and while at BCA we will provide opportunities for students to be part of a wide range of innovative and high quality learning experiences.

Active learning

We pride ourselves on creating active learning environments within our classrooms. We strive to ensure that within lessons, students are empowered and excited in their learning journey. We are committed to maximising student engagement and enriching students learning experiences. Through bespoke CPD sessions, staff are continuously reflecting on their practice, utilising the latest pedagogical research to ensure that our students receive high quality learning experiences that promote student collaboration and cooperative learning. It is through these active strategies that students develop their thirst for learning, making each classroom an exciting place to be.

Stretch and Challenge

At BCA we focus on stretching the abilities of all students by providing challenging lessons which engage students in high quality learning.

Questioning forms a major part of stretch and challenge at BCA. Through CPD sessions staff are equipped with a range of practical strategies to help students extend their verbal and written responses with a greater depth of analysis and a broader sense of purpose and understanding.

Students are encouraged to think deeper, work harder and gain greater enjoyment from learning by stretching and challenging themselves to achieve more and fulfil their potential.