STEM Assured

BCA is the first Academy in the UK to achieve STEM Assured Status!


What is it?

It’s a government backed quality mark that no other school in the UK has achieved. It recognised the best quality opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that are offered to the students. It’s usually found in colleges and Universities.

To achieve the STEM Assured status, education providers (schools, colleges, universities) are assessed against a robust framework that benchmarks their capability to design and deliver STEM courses that keep pace with emerging technology and the evolving needs of employers.

What does it mean for our parents and students?

For our students it means they have access to the best STEM centre of excellence in any academy in the country; A FabLab in conjunction with MIT, one of the biggest Coder Dojos in Europe,  Robotics and digital media hubs and engineering facilities to rival a university. But more than this, the opportunity to work with STEM professionals on a regular basis – shaping their ideas of the possibilities that lie within a STEM career and also the skills and qualities sought by employers.

Our STEM career pathways have identified where there are recruitment gaps in the local and national STEM industries and we are intensively preparing our students to meet these gaps. Professional links, real world problem solving linked to industry, ask the expert sessions for the students, work experience placements and a daily educational diet of a curriculum that is relevant to best practice in the STEM sectors.

The amazing and varied range of enrichments that allow our students to try any number of STEM activities and develop their portfolio of expertise. These enrichments take the best of what is available in the UK and across the world to open our student’s eyes to their potential and inspire them to be the best they can be.

STEM Assured