NQT induction at BCA

Embarking on a career in teaching is fulfilling, very demanding and of considerable significance in the professional development of the new teacher. At BCA we take our responsibilities very seriously and are very mindful of the privilege and significance of induction.  The induction process ensures that appropriate guidance, support and continued professional development opportunities are offered. These include the development of both subject and pedagogical knowledge, skills and understanding, which will be further developed through a range of opportunities. We are ambitious to work with our NQTs to release their potential and to support their ambitions to be highly effective teachers that enjoy their profession. To this end many professional discussions and dialogues will take place to develop and inform their practice. Observations, reviews and assessment meetings are included through a structured but flexible individual programme.

This programme will enable an NQT to form a secure foundation on which to build a successful teaching career and enable them to take a pride in and have a confidence to fulfil their professional duties.

The induction process has been designed to make a significant contribution to both the professional and personal development of NQTs.


The induction programme at BCA includes:

•Provision of programmes appropriate to the individual needs of the NQT;

•Provision of appropriate support through the role of an identified induction tutor

•Opportunities to observe good practice within school, including that of SLEs and Lead Practitioners

•Helping NQTs to form positive relationships with all members of the school community and stakeholders;

•Helping NQTs to become aware of the school’s role in the local community;

•Encouraging reflection on their own and observed practice;

•Opportunities to recognise and celebrate good practice;

•Opportunities to identify areas for development;

•Helping NQTs to develop an overview of teacher’s roles and responsibilities;

•Recognition that CPD underpins a foundation for longer term professional development and lifelong learning;

•Helping NQTs to meet the required standards.

If you would like any further information about the induction process please do not hesitate to get in touch


Mrs J. McNulty

NQT Professional Mentor