Beamont Collegiate Academy’s Numeracy Belts

All students in Year’s 7-9 have access to the Numeracy Ninja program.  This is regular recall of timetables and number facts.  Students are awarded a belt depending on the number of questions they get correct.  Misconceptions are then addressed.  Repetition throughout the program ensures that these essential skills are revisited every day.

Numeracy Nominations

Students can be nominated by any member of staff in the school.  Student success is celebrated on the numeracy bulletin and screens around the school.  We feel that it is important for numeracy to be seen as a part of everyday life, not just mathematics.

Numeracy Bulletin

The weekly bulletin promotes student and teacher success alike.  Students may have demonstrated numeracy skills within a lesson, or it may be a member of staff using a numeracy technique within their lessons.  The bulletin also provides tips on how to revise for exams, information about careers within numeracy, and an interesting fact or two.  The bulletin becomes a focus within tutor time, but also may be referred to in lessons.

Teacher toolkit

The BCA Numeracy toolkit, gives techniques for staff to use within their lessons that provides familiarity for the students.  Students are keen to demonstrate their abilities in numeracy whole school, and a consistent approach allows numeracy to be carried through all subjects.

Problem solving

Students are challenged with frequent opportunities to apply their numeracy skills to problems in class.  Creating more independent learners, time is given for students to explore, make mistakes and learn together in a safe learning environment.