GCSE Results 2017

GCSE outcomes were strong in many areas in 2017 and a number of subject areas performed better than 2016. This particularly impressive in GCSE English, GCSE English Literature and GCSE maths where students sat the reformed and much more challenging  exams. The academy saw improved performance in a number of areas including English Literature, maths, history and French. Students also secured a range of vocational qualifications with record numbers securing the higher grades of merits and distinctions.   Please see the table below for a full overview of attainment for 2017.


Reformed GCSEs

Subject Grades 9—4 Grades 9-5
English 58.73% 43%
English Lit 66.67% 49%
English or English Lit 68% 53%
Maths 54.76% 24%

Unreformed GCSEs

Subject Grades A*-C
Art 92.31%
Biology 95%
Chemistry 100%
Computer Science 41.18%
Drama 83.87%
French 85.71%
Geography 26.39%
History 61.54%
It GCSE 57.14%
Physics 100%
Polish 85.71%
Religious Studies 80%
Science Additional 37.5%
Science Core 41.75%

Vocational and Technical Qualifications

Subject Level 2 Pass or higher
Business Studies BTEC 50%
Health & Social Care BTEC 90%
Hospitality BTEC 95.24%
Music BTEC 87.5%
Product Invest BTEC 92.31%
Creative iMedia 84.85%
Dance BTEC 100%
Engineering Studies 66.67%

The academy’s Progress 8 and Attainment 8 score for 2017 is +0.14.

Please click here to view the full comparison tables.