Admissions 2019-20

Please be aware that Years 7 – 10 are oversubscribed.

The determined admission arrangements for academic year 2019-2020 for Beamont Collegiate Academy are as follows:

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Oversubscription criteria are used to establish an order of priority for allocation purposes when the number of applications for places at a school is greater that the number of places available.

Children who have a statement of special educational needs will be admitted to the school named in the statement over and above the published oversubscription criteria.

1 .Children who are or have been in the care or interim care of a Local Authority pursuant to sections 31 and 38 of the Children’s Act 1989, or children who are accommodated by a local authority pursuant to section 20 of the Children’s Act 1989, or children who have previously been in the care of a local authority but have since been adopted.

2 .Admission of pupils whose siblings currently attend Beamont Collegiate Academy and who will continue to do so on the date of admission. For the purpose of allocating places, sibling means;

    • full sibling living at the same address as the applicant
    • step sibling living at the same address as the applicant
    • half sibling living at the same address as the applicant
    • long term foster sibling living at the same address as the applicant

3 Pupils for whom advice from a medical practitioner or psychologist has been provided by the parents (at the time of application) in support of admission to a particular school, which, in the Academy’s view, justifies admission to the Academy. The Academy, if it is considered appropriate, will seek the views of the Academy medical officer or educational psychologist in the event of parents requesting admission on medical or psychological grounds.

4 Children of staff where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, and/or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.

 5.Pupils attending Beamont Collegiate Academy’s partner primary Schools, which are:-

    • Beamont Community Primary School
    • Bewsey Lodge Primary School
    • Brook Acre Community Primary School
    • Dallam Primary School
    • Meadowside Community Primary School
    • St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School
    • St Ann’s Church of England Primary School
    • St Margaret’s Church of England Primary School
    • Oakwood Avenue Community Primary School

 6. Pupils living nearest to the school measured as a direct distance from the child’s permanent place of residence to the school measured using a geographical information address point system based on the local and property gazetteer (LLPG). This measures straight line (direct) distances from the address point of the permanent place of residence to the address point of the school. Need in as a tie breaker

Where a school reaches its published admission number from pupils within one of the categories listed above those pupils to be admitted from within that category will be those whose permanent place of   residence is closest to the school as defined in oversubscription criterion 6.

The Academy Trust at the school has agreed to follow the Council’s scheme for all admissions to the school for academic year 2019-20. For access to these schemes, please refer to the Council’s website.


After the publication of the new appeals code, it is now a statutory requirement for all admission authorities to set a timetable in relation to the ppeals process. Furthermore, this timetable must be published on the website by 28 February each year. The appeals timetable for all admission uthorities within Warrington is set out on the Council’s website.


Below is a link to the School Admissions online system. The online system is designed to make it easy and convenient to submit an application form for a school place for your child.

School Admissions Online