Business Studies Curriculum

Business Enterprise Curriculum Intent

All businesses need enterprising leaders and employees to drive their organisations forward, to have ideas and initiatives to promote growth, and to ensure that businesses survive in this fast-changing world. Enterprise is a key government focus, and is set to form an important part of the UK’s global economic status, both now and in the future. Enterprise skills provide a fantastic progression in an organisation, and are transferrable into all businesses.

The Enterprise curriculum aims to encourage students to develop key skills that prove aptitude in planning an enterprise activity, including market research, planning, carrying out financial transactions, communication and problem solving.  Develop knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, such as the features and characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and the internal and external factors that can affect the performance of an enterprise. It will develop attitudes and ways of working that are considered most important for enterprise, including monitoring and reflecting on performance of an enterprise idea and own use of intangible skills.

Students who choose to study Business will acquire sound knowledge of business concepts which can help spark creativity in those with entrepreneurial ambitions.  Developing confidence in understanding financial terms aids students in better understanding current affairs and becoming more articulate in discussing matters related to business, finance and entrepreneurship.

Business & Enterprise Curriculum Mapping

Year 10 & 11

Business Studies Curriculum