Enrichment at Beamont Collegiate Academy

At Beamont Collegiate Academy we offer a fantastic array of activities in order to enrich the lives of all of our students. Every Wednesday all students participate in one of the many enrichment activities that we offer.

The range of activities is extensive and includes the traditional activities you might expect such as Football, Rugby, Netball and Fitness sessions. But at BCA we also offer Horse riding, Charity club, Textiles, Rowing, Sign Language, Latin and Drone flying to name but a few. We also offer sessions in our brand new FabLab – have a look at the website to find out more.

Click here to view FabLab website

We also offer music and singing lessons in our purpose built recording studios and we also have our very own radio station.

The Academy also has its own Combined Cadet Force (CCF) which enables students to engage in both military and adventurous training in pursuit of their own character development.  The CCF takes students out of their comfort zones and gives them fresh challenges outside the classroom. It makes them better young people and better citizens as it challenges their perceptions and encourages them to take part in activities they would not normally engage in.

We strongly believe it gives them an edge in preparation for their future life. CCF not only helps our students to develop, reason, question and enquire, but also assists them with their future education and careers.

The CCF becomes an available long-term enrichment for those students entering into Year 8.

Duke of Edinburgh is a strength of the school with students in year 9, 10 and 11 currently completing their Bronze and Silver awards.

Drama enrichment is extremely popular and the Academy puts on performances throughout the year which are extremely popular. This year saw over 100 students auditioning for the Play ‘Mamma Mia.’ We can’t wait to see the final performance.

But don’t take our word for it, look at what the students have to say about the offer:

‘There are lots of activities to choose from so you will always find one that you like. As well as building our confidence and developing specific skills looks great on your CV!

‘The Drama session have really built up my confidence ….. I know find it easier to speak in front of people’

‘Before I joined charity club I would never work or talk to anyone in another year group but going to it has built my confidence and I have made lots of new friends from across the school’