Trips and enrichment that enhance SMSC

We run numerous trips throughout the year. The most popular being the Ski trips to Austria. These trips give students the opportunity to experience a completely different culture and experience life in the mountains. Spiritually, students embrace the freedom of the outdoors and enjoy the opportunity to try something completely new to them. Socially and culturally students mix and converse confidently with students and adults from different schools, countries and backgrounds due to the fact that we share hotel facilities with the general public

We also run a Mountain biking and hill walking trip to Ambleside in the Lake District for GCSE students. In a similar way to the skiing trip students experience many spiritual, cultural and social situations. But perhaps the most important aspect other than the physical activities they are involved in, students learn about the morality of keeping the Lake District National Park in its pristine state, free from litter and noise pollution.

In terms of enrichment students are offered a plethora of sporting activities after school. Some of which are competitive fixtures against other schools from the local area and we also enter county and national competitions. As part of all intra/ inter school fixtures and during all sporting activities students are expected to follow expected social codes such as fair play and demonstrate a high degree of sporting etiquette.

Students socialise with others from different year groups with older students offering coaching and advice in the less competitive fun clubs.