Fab Lab LogoEnterprise is an identified skills shortage especially in the STEM and STEAM sector.  In conjunction with MiT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the UK’s Manufacturing Institute we will soon be opening the only UK Fab Lab to be solely controlled by a 11-16 school.

Our new Fab Lab that will open in Sept 2016 has a number of targets:

To engage the community – school, Warrington and the North West- in new STEM developments. The lab will be well equipped with numerous 3D printers, laser cutter, Large bed CNC router as well as hi spec CAD enabled computing facilities. The link to creativity especially in new materials such as e-textiles will give our community the chance to design, create, produce, market and sell their ideas.

We plan to use the potential of the Fablab to inspire our students creative abilities and teach them the necessary STEM skills to bring their ideas to reality.

In addition to coding, website design, app creation, drone technology and all the other aspects we have the capability to offer – we, and the Institute of Manufacturing, feel we will quickly have one of the most innovative and effective fablabs in the UK.

Graham Browne - Engineer in Residence at Warrington Fablab

Graham is an ex-pupil of our school and since leaving, has been involved in the design of a lot of exciting car design projects. He became the Chief designer of TVR Sports Cars at 27 and has since established his own design consultancy business called Morphosa ltd, which now supplies design services to companies including Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley Motors.

One of the exciting projects Graham is currently working on is a human/electric-hybrid, aerodynamic safety tricycle. This vehicle is aimed at exploiting the current and future investment in cycling infrastructure throughout the world, such as the 913m Sterling program of building and improvements to the London Cycle Superhighway.

Graham will be using our Fablab facilities to turn his vision and computer aided designs into physical working prototypes and engaging with our pupils and staff to transfer knowledge and share ideas. It is hoped that the final design will enable a commuter to travel 60 miles each day on less than 20 pence worth of electricity whilst producing zero emissions and paying no insurance or road tax, all whilst fully enclosed in a weatherproof composite safety cell designed to protect the rider from potential impacts.Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - New Build Banner

If your business would like to link to the Fablab and use our fantastic design and manufacture facilities please contact Fablab@bca.warrington.ac.uk