BCA Radio

BCA Radio is here!

Our very own radio is finally here! 

BCA Radio

Wipe away those cobwebs, clear those lungs and get ready for BCA radio.

Students at Beamont have been busy this week getting to grips with our very own, new-fangled radio equipment. Creating an engaging and stimulating environment for our students is of paramount importance and here at BCA we are doing our utmost to ensure that our student’s enjoy school life. The radio will give our students a chance to work on their communication skills, creating confident and self-assured public speakers who feel happy and captivated by a variety of learning experiences.

BCA radio will open doors for our students and give them an insight into a more vocational working experience.

Will your child be the next budding radio host?

Will you be the next radio star?

Pearl of Africa2

The Pearl of Africa

The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir will be performing at Beamont Collegiate Academy on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at 18:30pm

(Supported by the BCA Choir and Performing Arts pupils)

Pearl of Africa3

Tickets are on sale from the school shop, alternatively see Ms Gaunt


Saturday Academy has a strong start!

IMG_9283Saturday Academy at Beamont Collegiate Academy started the new academic year with a bang! Lots of students, both current and those from local primary schools attended the first Saturday Academy of the year.

On Saturday 27th September Beamont Collegiate Academy hosted a Sports Club, Karate Club and a Performing Arts Club which all take place every term time Saturday at the school. Plus the school are proud to host the ever popular Warrington Coder Dojo sessions, which take place once every 4 weeks.

Coder Dojo hosted a Lego challenge and a Minecraft session, the @dojowarrington Twitter page even boasted that there was “no room left in the minecraft session”.

If you are interested in attending one of our future Saturday Academy sessions you can find further details here



Rose & Luke make an IMPACT at Executive Directors briefing

IMG_9429Beamont Collegiate Academy students Rose Warburton and Luke Corbishley gave an exceptional presentation at the Executive Director’s briefing at Walton Hall on Thursday 25th September regarding IMPACT (Warrington youth council), the “Make your Mark” manifesto, what makes a good school and the role of the MYPs across the country.

Rose and Luke were accompanied by fellow members of IMPACT Rachel Davis and Liam Carberry.

Rose and Luke presented to around 80 head teachers from schools, colleges and sixth forms in Warrington alongside senior council representatives, including Councillor Jean Carter and Steve Reddy – executive director for the families and wellbeing directorate. The presentation was described as “superb” by Principal Mr Andrew Moorcroft.

The presentation will undoubtedly be influential when the local council consider strategic planning for young people in the borough, which is fantastic achievement for the determined pair.

Mr Moorcroft said “We are extremely proud of the work Rose and Luke are doing within IMPACT in championing the young people of Warrington.  It was an intimidating audience at the Executive Director’s briefing but they were not fazed; they spoke with passion and confidence and made a big impression on all attendees.  I know they will directly influence strategies within the council and in schools and we are delighted to have them as members of our school community.”

Additionally, Beamont Collegiate Academy received a Silver Youth Democracy Award for the number of the school’s students that have taken part in the “Make your Mark” vote.

Warrington Member of Youth Parliament, Rose said “I feel so privileged to have been able to give the presentation at the directors briefing, especially since it meant being in the company of so many wonderful role models who shape and educate the young people I am always so proud to represent.

I am constantly surprised at how willing Warrington’s decision makers, teachers and representatives are to listen to the voices of young people and act upon what they hear. The directors briefing was a prime example of how our schools are always trying to improve the environment in which we learn.”

Luke Corbishley added “I believe that the directors briefing really helped us get our views across especially as it was to lead decision makers in Warrington”

Joel McLong

Joel Mclong Thai Boxing

Joel McLongCongratulations to Joel McLong in year 9 has recently been rated 2nd in the UK for Thai Boxing

He was first introduced to the sport by a friend who asked him to attend training sessions at the  Warrington Thai Boxing Club.

Since starting the sport, Joel, who fights in the 52 – 54KG Category has travelled around the country taking part in numerous competitions winning 50 of his 60 competitive fights. Joel’s next major competition is in March at the European Championships in Thailand. An outstanding achievement that has been achieved through many hard hours in the gym.



Superb Sports Day!

The end of June saw the annual Beamont Collegiate Academy Sports Day move over to the facilities at Victoria Park. Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students competed in their 5 school houses – Simmons, Ainslie, Redgrave, Hoy and Holmes.

There was a fantastic selection of races for students to compete in from 100m race to the team relay races and high jump to javelin.

Students enjoyed the freedom that the facilities at Victoria Park gave them, whilst many students sat in the stands to watch and support their fellow house mates, others enjoyed the opportunity to play football and other sports games on the grass areas surrounding the race track.

A welcome addition was the opportunity for students to purchase hot food and ice cream from on-site vendors.

All elements contributed to a fabulous atmosphere amongst students and staff. The rain even kept away for this special event.

Mr Moorcroft handed out all of the medals to the winners who took their places on the podium for photographs. Mr Milburn was compare for the day, making all of the spectators aware of the front runners and final winners.

The overall winner’s title was a closely fought competition with only 4 points separating the 2nd place house from the 1st place house. But on in the end Ainslie house took the top spot with a massive 516 points. Closely followed by Hoy house who has 512 points.

Year group winners were:

Year 7 – Simmonds

Year 8 – Ainslie

Year 9 – Ainslie

Year 10 – Hoy

The full breakdown of the tables can be seen below.

There were also some outstanding achievements on the day by students across all year groups.

Year 7

From Year 7 Antonio Anderson managed the 100m in 13.76 seconds, Connor Spiers completed the 800m in 2minutes 44 seconds, Abbie Lacaze managed the 200m in just 30.14 seconds and Michelle Wangari achieved a great throw on the javelin of 12.3 metres.

The girls relay team, which included Abbie Lacaze, Keeley Croft, Jenna Moore and Stevie Daniels got a great time of 1 minutes 4 seconds.

Year 8

In Year 8 Brad Lee completed the 800m in 2 minutes 46 seconds, Jess Preston threw the Javelin a massive 15.6 metres, whilst Andis Gaundis achieved a huge 20.9 metres.  Megan Marigold threw the shot put 6.9 metres and Jack Wright threw it 9.9 metres. Connor Lightfoot ran the 200m in an impressive 28.65 seconds and Liam Brinksman ran the 100m in just 12.19 seconds.

Year 9

The Year 9’s got some great times in the running races with the girls relay team, Abbie Jones, Ruby Parle, Kirsty Astbury and Chloe Adcroft achieving an impressive time of 1 minute 1 second. Declan Whaley ran the 800m in 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Josh Wainwright achieved 28.71 seconds in the 200m and Liam Smith 12.78 seconds in the 100m.

Year 9 students Liam Smith managed to jump 1.45 metres in the high jump and in the shot put Abbie Graham threw 6.45 metres and Brad Taylor threw 9.7 metres.

Year 10

The high jump was a great event for the year 10 students with Naomi Stanner jumping 1.30 metres and Lewis Turner jumping 1.56 metres. In the shot put event Natasha Ryder Dennis threw to 7.52 metres and Liam Quinn threw to 10.58 metres. In the running events Casey Brown ran the 800m in 2 minutes 13 seconds, Lewis Turner ran the 100m                in 12.64 seconds and the boys relay team ran their event in under a minute with an impressive time of 53 seconds. The relay team included Jordan Edge, Scott Large, Ryan Leech and Danny Walker.

The day was a brilliant example of the excellent students at Beamont Collegiate Academy. Well done to everyone who was involved!

Click here to see the Sports Day results

grease red

Grease Teaser

grease redBCA’s Performing Arts Department is delighted to present this years’ musical production of” Grease”. Our super dedicated students have been attending rehearsals since February and have worked hard to produce a great show. Our students are performing two shows on Wednesday 9th and  Thursday 10th of July curtains up at 7pm. If you would like to purchase tickets please enquire at the school shop or main reception. Tickets are priced at £3:50 per adult, £2.50 per child and a family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) is available for £10.00.

Below is a short sneak peak of Grease rehearsals


Rose Warburton voted Warrington Member of Youth Parliament

15 year old, Rose Warburton from Beamont Collegiate Academy has blown away the competition to be voted in as the Warrington Member of Youth Parliament (MYP). Rose initially presented her speech at a pre-election event at the Youth Café, Times Square, Warrington along with 11 others, including fellow Beamont Collegiate Academy student Ethan Walsh. The 12 were whittled down to 8 and the voting then went out to schools across the area for students to vote in their preferred candidate for the top post!

Initially Rose was surprised to be voted past the first stage as she has been extremely nervous during her speech. Although her friends all said that she didn’t look nervous at all! Almost 4000 young people voted across Warrington and Rose was appointed as the Member of Youth Parliament for Warrington, with Rachel Davies and Tim Hammersley being voted as her deputies. Rose is very keen for the three of them to work closely as a team and will meet weekly with them and other members of the Youth Council at the Impact meetings which are held on Wednesdays from 5.00pm – 7.00pm at the Warrington Youth Café. Of her recent experiences Rose said “It’s been such an incredible experience just to be a candidate. I have been involved in so many amazing events and opportunities. The best thing to come out of it is the friends I have made from Impact, especially Rae, Tim and Tom, the Chair of Impact”.

Support came from friends, family and teachers at Beamont Collegiate Academy. Mr Milburn (Associate Assistant Principal) initially suggested that Rose run in the election. Mr Thursfield (Religious Education Teacher) helped Rose with her election posters and Miss Charnock (English Teacher) gave Rose tips on her election speech. “I appreciate everyone’s support. There has been so much support from school and my friends. Loads of people came to the results at the Town Hall. I can’t wait to experience many more great things during my time in office” said Rose. One of the hi-lights of her time in office will undoubtedly be when she visits the House of Commons in November to take part in the Annual Sittings.

The main objectives of Rose’s campaign were to educate people on mental health issues, youth unemployment and challenge the stigma around people’s perceptions of young people.

Rose has already started to work with CAMHS (The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) in Warrington on a current project which involves putting on workshops in schools that address mental health issues in a way that students can relate to. Rose suggested they include elements on suicidal behaviour and self-harm as part of their current plans. Once the workshops are ready to roll out, Rose intends on helping CAMHS to get them delivered in as many schools across Warrington as possible.

Youth unemployment is a problem in the area and Rose intends to encourage more local companies to open up jobs to young people, including volunteering opportunities. Another aspect Rose is looking into is shadowing opportunities for young people interested in a specific professional field. Rose feels it is important that young people receive opportunities to spend time in the work environment.

In order to challenge people’s perceptions of young people Rose would like to work with her school to arrange events aimed at breaking down the barriers between generations with simple afternoon tea and cakes sessions, bingo sessions and visits to local care homes with the school choir.

In such a short space of time Rose has already planned so much, and with the continued support of her friends, family, Beamont Collegiate Academy and the team at Impact we are sure there will be a lot more to come as Rose drives her plans forward.

Congratulations again to Rose on her fantastic achievement, we will certainly be keeping everyone up to date with the progress her and the team make over the coming months.


Jordan Edge2

Jordan Edge fancy foot work in Futsal

Year 10 student Jordan Edge is paving his was to a national team place with his fancy foot work in Futsal.

Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game that is widely played across the world and is officially recognised by both UEFA and FIFA.  The nature of the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high pressure.

Many top level international players have spent time playing Futsal, including Xavi and Ronaldinho and Pele.  Pele, World Cup Winner: 1958, 1962 & 1970 says “Futsal was important in helping to develop my ball control, quick thinking, passing….also for dribbling, balance, concentration…. Futsal was very, very important, no doubt.” (www.thefa.com)

Jordan, 15, has been an avid football player since a young age, where he joined local Great Sankey Sunday league team, Matthiola at the age of 4. In more recent years Jordan has played in centre midfield for Warrington Town at County level and it has been during his training sessions here that he displayed skills ability which would take him into the Futsal arena.

Warrington Town manager, Ian Bateman, started a regional Futsal team and invited Jordan to get involved.  The regional squad train at bi-monthly camps where 25 players from across the region come together to train and practice.  Despite only playing Futsal for 6 months Jordan has caught the eye of the international Futsal manager at a session, who described Jordan as a “perfect fit” for his squad and suggested he should play Futsal full time at a high level. Subsequently Jordan competed for a spot in the England squad in a 5 hour, non-stop training session against many older academy players. Of this top level recognition, Jordan said “It was a shock! I didn’t expect someone that high to spot me. Hopefully I can achieve a high level of success following Futsal”.

Jordan Edge

Mum, Jayne Edge said “Jordan’s played at St George’s Park a number of times and has been noticed by several England coaches who think he’ll go far. Since the trials he’s attended for the England squad he’s been asked to join the Manchester Futsal squad. He’s really dedicated to the sport and practices constantly. His brother, myself (mum) and dad in fact all his family are extremely proud of him, and wish him all the luck in the world. All we can say is watch this space!!”

Jordan not only makes his family proud on the pitch, he is also on target for A*s and As in his GCSEs which he will be taking at Beamont Collegiate Academy in 2015.

As Jordan’s Mum suggests “Watch this space!” as the next 12 – 18 months look very bright for 15 year old Jordan.


Warrington Wheels 2014

Two Beamont Collegiate Academy year 11  pupils Janecks Gindra and Michael Griffiths won 2 awards at the 2014 Warrington wheels bike show held at Grappenhall. They have been working on the bike on the Thursday night enrichment club held at the vocational cabin. The awards that they won were voted for by the members of the public who visited the show. So well done to them both!