Do you want to get into computer  coding and programming but don’t know where to start?

CoderDojo is a worldwide phenomenon that has put learning to code into the hands of the children and lets you have fun at the same time. The only rule of CoderDojo is ‘be cool’!

Warrington first and only CoderDojo started up on Saturday 26th April at BCA. Lots of code ninjas came from all over the North West to learn how to write code. In our first Dojo we coded a new flappy birds game and used scratch to design a brand new game.

In our next Dojo on the 24th May we hope to start programming Minecraft, use the fantastic Lego Robotic kits and continue on our scratch adventure!

Follow us on Twitter @dojowarrington for updates and find out how to sign up for future Coder Dojo sessions.

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