Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum Intent

Physical Education aims to encourage students to develop a positive relationship with Physical Education and to encourage lifelong participation in sport and exercise. This is at the heart of the PE curriculum.

The PE curriculum is a two tiered system that enables students to develop at their own pace. Pupils will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence required to participate in sport and fitness, with the aim that they will continue to do so upon leaving school. Within a safe and supportive learning environment, core PE develops thinking, healthy and social individuals through the utilisation of the ‘My Personal Best’ scheme. Here key characteristics such as resilience, communication and perseverance are taught, explored and measured. Practical lessons are utilised as the tool by which to develop these characteristics.

Throughout their time at school students will follow the five year PE curriculum which encourages the development of practical abilities and key characteristics. Activities offered include game, aesthetic, athletic, problem solving, outdoor education, leadership and fitness programmes, with the aim that students are exposed to activities they enjoy and wish to participate in further. The progressive curriculum ensures both breadth and depth of learning, alternating individual with team based activities to encourage participation and heighten enjoyment. We have selected practical activities which students can pursue within the local community should they demonstrate high levels of aptitude or enjoyment. The department both encourages and supports this process.

PE Curriculum