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Replacement of Pay360 with iPay payments system

The way that you make payments is changing.

In order for us to move from Pay360 to iPay, there will unfortunately be interruption to you adding money to your child’s account.  We estimate that this downtime should be no longer than a few days.

We will be sending you a Pupil ID / Account Ref, which you will need when registering. When we are ready to transfer to the new system, we will write to let you know.

All balances from the old Pay360 system will automatically transfer to iPay when the move is complete.


iPay is an easy and efficient way for you to top up your child’s account online for a variety of school payments, including school meals, trips, uniform, stationary, plus much more. iPay updates cashless meal accounts in real-time, meaning that you don’t have to wait hours until the payment reaches your child’s account.

The system eliminates the need for your child to carry cash throughout the day and allows you to pay using your credit or debit card from any device, at any time.


What will you find in iPayimpact:

  • Access to your child’s account at any time, from any device, showing you at a glance the balance of their account in real time.  If you have more than one child at the Academy, both students will show in the same account.
  • Enables you to add money to your child’s dinner account and receive alerts when their balance is running low.
  • View, book and pay for upcoming trips and events, including managing your deposits and payment schedules for residential visits.  The system will also email you when your next payment instalment is due.


To access iPay, please click the link below:


 Getting started with iPay

How do I get started?

You will receive a letter or email from the school which gives you your Pupil ID / Account Ref (for your child/ren).    This letter will detail how you can access the website www.ipayimpact.co.uk and some simple instructions on how to use the website to make payments and look at purchase history for your child/ren.


How do I get started?

Please see below the quick start guide to register and start using iPayimpact payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Download iPayimpact Frequently Asked Questions PDF


Who do I contact for help?

If you need more help, please look at the

Download iPayimpact Quick Start Guide for Parents PDF

If you still need help or if you need a copy of your Pupil ID / Account Ref, please contact us by email – mail@bca.warrington.ac.uk