ICT contributes to the students  SMSC development in a number of ways often through: Preparing children for the challenge of living and learning in a technologically enriched, increasingly inter connected world; increasing  awareness of the moral dilemmas created by technological advances and establishing boundaries in society by considering what is acceptable.   These generic principals are embraced by all ICT staff are taught within all aspects of ICT as the learning necessitates.  Whilst there is much overlap between the ICT, computing and creative media disciplines the main strands have been identified for each course.

Esaftey is a large strand of the SMSC provision for ICT and is again taught freely as the learning discussion necessitates.

This covers the issues of Impersonation, cyberbullying, sexting, and good practice to keep your devices virus free.

To promote Pupils’ spiritual development, their sense of self and their will to achieve, the ICT department continually takes the opportunity to praise students for their contribution in lessons.  A praise card is sent home to parents.