Parent & Student Surveys

Parent & Student Voice at BCA

At Beamont Collegiate Academy we place a high value on student voice. Alongside the student voice exercises that form part of the Academy’s Quality Assurance process (PACE), we invite all students to complete an annual Student Perception Survey.

  • Strengths within departments are celebrated and good practice shared whilst areas for development form part of ongoing action plans.
  • Students are also able to voice their opinions via the Student  Parliament who meet weekly to share ideas and create change.
  • We place a high value on the views of all stakeholders. Alongside the student voice exercises, we invite all parents to complete a Parent      Survey annually as well as following events such as parents’ evenings.
  • We also encourage parental voice through our Parent Leadership group. The group have developed a new approach to parents’ evening encouraging the inclusion of workshops and stalls to further inform parents as well as the launch of the BCA app. They also led an open day for past students and members of the local community to celebrate the closure of the old school building and a celebration of the new.

What do parents and students say about BCA and how have we responded?

  • The results of student voice surveys have been overwhelming positive. Our students are proud to be part of BCA.
  • Parent Survey: ‘This survey result is excellent – one of the best we have seen so far this year.
  • Students feel safe at the Academy and know who to turn to if they need help and advice.
  • They feel that behaviour is good and that students are tolerant, smart and punctual.
  • Students across all years feel rewarded for positive behaviours and achievements. They feel that they get opportunities to demonstrate the Characteristics of Greatness (COGs).
  • Nearly 100% of students felt that staff have high expectations of them, students feel that staff listen to their views, deliver interesting      lessons and let them know how to improve their work.
  • The choice of subjects and enrichment activities is viewed as good as is the advice received about their future.
  • Students requested changes to lunchtime arrangements which have implemented. They asked for more rewards and celebrations; clear systems are now in place which students appreciate as shown by the results of the survey.
  • The request for more social areas at break lunch was put into place with break out rooms and games/activities available in unstructured      time.
  • Form time was seen as too repetitive; a new programme is in place which has been well received. The ‘Big Question’ in particular has proved to be popular with the students.
  • All of the 28 statements were scored above national secondary means with many being scored in the top ten percent of all secondary      Schools.’